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Did you know that Google now ranks you on how fast your site is on both mobile and desktop? Even if you are getting a good score on testing apps such as GTMetrix you could be getting a poor score on Google PageSpeed Insights, this is a developer tool, ask your developer about it.

You are scored on 4 elements; Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO.

There are lots of items within these elements that can be reduce your score, some are easy to fix using a caching plugin or checking that one of your plugins is not slowing things down. There are also some small things that can be checked in the coding to gain a few extra points.

However if you are seeing slow loading or a poor score the biggest change could come from changing your hosting. A fast hosting service with the latest protocols can massively improve the speed of your site. If you are also able use what is known as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service such as CloudFlare then you can get an even bigger boost, plus the benefit of their firewall protection.

What can you do without incurring large costs?

  • Make sure your site is cached
  • Check your hosting is running HTTP2 and that your PHP version is up to date
  • Make sure your plugins are up to date
  • Add SEO content

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