Merry Christmas 2021


Dizzy will be closed for Christmas between 23rd December 2021 and 3rd January 2022. Please allow plenty of time for any work you need done before then, as it’s choc-o-block right now.

Just for fun I’ve created a Christmas game for you. Take a look at the main image and see if you can spot the 15 differences.

Good luck. Answers below.


  1. The time on the clock
  2. One of the lollies on the shelf is reversed
  3. The tree in the snow globe is missing
  4. The dictionary on the shelf is now a thesaurus
  5. Fairy light top right is now purple
  6. The cookie on the mantle has an extra bite out of it
  7. The flames on the candelabra are bigger
  8. There is a brick missing on the chimney breast
  9. The cabinet drawer is open
  10. There are more stars in the left window
  11. The wrapping paper on the gift under the tree has changed colour
  12. One of the books has fallen over on the bottom shelf
  13. The flame in the fireplace is reversed
  14. Santa has a shorter beard
  15. A snowman has appeared in the window
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