Social Media Graphics – Getting all Your Ducks in a Row

Getting all your ducks in a row regarding your corporate identity is a key component of your marketing and should not be overlooked. Social media is an important part of many businesses, with this in mind it is important that the graphics that you use on your social media pages are in-line with the rest of your messaging.

The problem is that the different platforms have different specifications for your logo, cover image etc, so one size does not fit all. For instance, Facebook use a circle to display your logo, if you were to simply upload your logo, chances are it will clip it in some way. Whereas Linked in puts your profile photo over the top of the cover image so you need to leave a space where there is no text or important information that will be cover up.

Thankfully there are some helpful websites out there that let you know what the sizes should be for each platform. The following link gives the required information and claims to always be up to date

Each social media platform has its quirks that need to be worked around to so that all looks good, so it is worth getting a professional to create all the graphics you need.

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