Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

If you hadn’t noticed things are a bit crazy at the moment! This may mean that you are looking for low cost ways to promote your business.

Are things a bit slow? If so you have that precious commodity called time. One of the easiest things you can do to promote your business is blogging. Regular blogs posted to social media channels such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter can be quick and easy to do yourself. You don’t have to write an essay a few lines and a good image can be enough.

Don’t use it as a hard sell, instead show people what you have been doing, something interesting that people will want to share or retweet. Helpful tips are a good way to get people interested.

If you already have a WordPress site you should have a blog. Adding a sharing plugin such as WordPress Social Sharing Plugin will allow you to write your blog once and then share it to your Social Media channels or choice.

What else can I do

If you have a business that is very visual then use other Social Media channels such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to post photos or videos. Making a short 30 second video isn’t that difficult if you have a smart phone or even better an iPad.  Just stick to what you know and have a little fun.

Does your business have a location? If so make sure you have a Google Business page, it’s free, you just need a Google account to set it up.

All of these things can help improve your audience and hopefully improve business.

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